Ken's Page of Thanks

  • Our Awesome God! "We wheel on by the amazing grace of our Awesome God" is truly the slogan for our journey!

  • I wish to thank BikeE Marketing Manager Lee Eckroth for his support and encouragement. My BikeE RX is a fantastic piece of recumbent cycling technology and it is manufactured right here in the Northwest at Corvallis, Oregon. I would like all prostate cancer patients and others with similar problems to know that they do not have to quit cycling. Often I remark that my BikeE "Sweet Seat " is like putting my easy chair on wheels. Click to check out BikeE. Thanks Lee. God Bless

  • I wish to thank Bryant Mayfield and his staff at Richland Schwinn. As the local dealer for BikeE, Bryant has "customized" my RX for me and has patiently and thoroughly answered my many questions and needs. Thanks guys. God Bless.

  • This is a HUGE Thank You to my very supportive family. I cannot thank "ALL Y'ALL" (Chris says that's southern plural for y'all) enough for your prayers and encouragement during the past four years of preparation, planning and sometimes questionable medical times. Some extra special thanks go to: wife Pat for her willingness to support the time and financial cost of this, probably my most "eccentric " undertaking; son David and his wife Linda for all the computer help and taking the time to drive Pat back to Kaukauna so that she can attend the 50th High School Reunion celebration with me; son Randy and his wife Dianna for taking time out of his busy life of fathering and managing the engineering department at Genie Industries in Redmond (the Seattle area) to make the 2001-mile bike ride with me . . . we will never forget it; son Jeff for the use of, and helping set up the trip link on his website; daughter Christine and husband Mike for their computer and logo input; son Matt and his wife Heidi for their uncountable hours setting up the website, communication equipment, designing handout "business" cards, t-shirt and cap logos (didn't Heidi do a great design job?) and for their continuing involvement acting as the webmasters for the daily report and photo updates throughout the trip; grandson Joe for taking time out of his busy work and 20-year-old life to accompany Randy and I on this great adventure and to possibly be our "tow" on the longer, steeper hills. AND, once again, I thank all of you in advance for your continued prayers for Randy, Joe and I as we go.

  • Thanks to the Richland Missionary and Alliance Church's Pioneer Girls Club for inviting me to do a "show and tell" about the trip and my BikeE RX on April 23. It was a fun time and I appreciate your interest and prayers as Randy, Joe and I go on this adventure. I will not forget you Stefanie Thomas, Heidi Sandburg, Carmen Michener, Kirsten Lindquist, Zoe Wittman, Elizabeth Michener, Lauren Roberts, Lauren Curran, Amanda Koopman, Ali Minette and adult leaders Nancy Wittman and Ann Michener.

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