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We are all interested to hear firsthand reports of encounters with Ken, Randy, and Joe. If you've encountered our riders on this journey and would like to relate your story to us for posting on this site, please click below to send your story by email to us. Thank you!

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    Hello Ken & Family,
    Well It was truly great seeing you and all the classmates that I haven't seen In fifty years---Betty and I wish you well on your next voyage.We'll be looking forward to seeing how things go with you next.
    God Bless Jude And Betty Rutten

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    Hi I have followed your Journal every day and enjoyed it very much, thanks. I was wondering when you are going to have something on there about the runion? I live one and on half blocks from Jim and Sherie and also on Sat. I was working in the yard as you rode by with 26 news. Have a safe and relaxing trip home.

  • Submitted June 17, 2001
    Hello: Just wanted to drop you a note and say I enjoyed meeting you. What a nice trip for 3 generations. I thought our story on NBC 25 in Green Bay turned out well. I hope you had a chance to see it. Good Luck. Bob Healey NBC 26

  • Submitted June 17, 2001
    To all of you, congratulations on your ride across this great land. I intersected your path at Pompey's Pillar as the three of you were in the process of taking your picture at the information sign to the Pillar. As I drove up, you all remarked about me being from Washington State and offering the information of being from there also. My journey carrying me into North Dakota, to northern Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia before returning home was nothing compared to your efforts. Maybe more people should involve themselves in your mood of travel, taking time to see what many of us traveling at 60 and 70 miles per hour miss on our haste. Once again, congratulations and have a safe return home. Bob Buzzell Tokeland, WA

  • Submitted June 12, 2001
    It was great to see you all made the trip in good health and looks like fine spirits! Guess a lot of the credit must go to the "spirit" that guided and protected you. Congrats to all of you. My daughter and fiancee from Salt Lake were with me when we visited at the Pompey's Pillar rock. They say they have had only once chance to check your progress as they are computerless. We did so enjoy our brief chat at the rock and you made a lasting impression on us.
    Have fun at the reunion and a safe trip home "in luxury" when the time comes. Thanks for visiting with us.
    Bonnie Fox
    Ballantine, MT

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Hi Ken, Randy and Joe

    Decided to head out to Highway 10 thinking you would be just about through Weyeawega at approx 1:15pm. Took the Hwy 96 route and was given the surprise of my day...here you were coming toward Little Chute just passing under the 441 Express Hwy. You sure made good time today. Enjoyed your "trip" just as much as you did. Hope you can enjoy more adventurous trips together.
    Jane Schaeffer

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    ken, randy, and joe,
    we met today just outside of little chute. i didn't have to drive far to find you guys. as i write this i'm sure you've reached your destination. ken, have a great time at your reunion and thanks for the story about my grandpa mcmahon. i'm sure the trip was made easier by the great camaraderie between you all. oh on the photo enclosed i just thought i should mention that we all made joe stand next to my daughter. (not that she minded) thanks again for a great story to follow.

    Mike and Cailin McMahon,
    Little Chute, Wi
    Click here for attached pictures!

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Dear Ken, Randy and Joe,

    What a treat to meet you along highway 10 near Weyauwega! Your trip is a real inspiration to my husband and me, helping to spur along my bike riding dreams.

    If you decide to put together a book or some other kind of follow up project that aims to reach people for Christ let me know. Maybe we can help support the project.

    God's Blessings to all of you,
    Marcia Rhone
    Weyauwega, WI

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Hi all, met Ken at Harrdee's in Marshfield WI. If he is on his way to his 50th. class reunion then he is older then I am and to bicycle 2001 miles, some of which was though the mountains, is an amazing feat.

    I noticed the picture of the cross on the hill on the back of Ken's jacket, nice to know that he knows the LORD and gives HIM the honor and the glory for his good health and a save trip.

    James Woehrle
    Marshfield WI

    GOOD LUCK & "GOD" continue to be with you

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Ken, Randy and Joe....

    Your three have accomplished something wonderful for all involved. We found you near Mondovi, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 9th. The rain didn't seem to have any negative affect on your pace. If ever there were three guys who deserved a gift jar of Grey Poupon, it's you! Hope it brightened your day just a little bit. I'm glad that we had our paths cross.

    Jim & Marge O'Mara
    Eau Claire, WI

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Dear Fellas,

    I met you for a brief moment and was enhanced by our conversation we had engaged in during your brief stop at the Cenex gas station in West Fargo North Dakota. I would like to further express my wishful thoughts and prayers for your safe trip to your destination and again upon your arrival home. Myself and my Family wish you and yours the Best!

    I prayed for the wind which you asked for!

    Ben & Family

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    We first spotted the riders pulling up a long hill East of Miles City, Montana and we're quite amazed. Gilbert Paulson and I, Rob Swift, were headed to Glen Ullin, N.D. to purchase the 36 Ford that Ken is so envious of. We were staying with my cousins Pat & Margaret Swift who run the Red Roof Bed & Breakfast. After a day of scouting the countryside for more old cars we returned to the B&B and spotted the 3 bicycles which we recognized as having seen earlier on our trip. We spoke to the riders that night -- they were quite tired and headed to bed early. The next day they were up and gone before we got up. We were impressed with their tenacity. We wish them a safe trip and a heck of a good 50th high school reunion to Grandpa ! I would like to invite them all to see my 36 Ford a year from now in Tacoma, WA.

    Rob Swift

  • Submitted May 29, 2001
    On May 28 in Forsythe, Montana, our group encountered the bikers at the Dairy Queen. There are 44 in our Elderhostel and we are spending 18 days following the Lewis & Clark Trail from St. Charles, MO to Astoria, OR by bus. We range in age from 59 to to 89. We enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story. Good luck.

    Walt Deutsch and Andrea Frande

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    We are from Glendive Montana - stopped briefly at Forsythe, MT at noon for treats. Just returning from a home school graduation in Billings where our niece participated in the ceremony. The three were fighting winds and they wondered if they would be able to make it to Miles City tonight. We checked out the web page and will be following their journey with excitement for them. We are hoping to see them as they pass thru' our city so will be watching for them tomorrow evening. Blessings to them on their way.
    Merle and Connie Mullet

  • Submitted May 26, 2001
    Hey guys,
    I keep following your progress every day. You seem to be doing very well. I keep telling your story to any of our guests that are headed east. I tell them to watch for you. As I've said before, you have my admiration.
    God Bless you!
    Vern Hanson
    Super 8 Kellogg, Idaho

  • Submitted May 21, 2001
    Thanks so much with dining with us at Zanys Pizza at Silver Mountain. You guys are very inspirational to all you encounter. A special thank you to Joe for helping make that 15 yr. old birthday girl special. We will continue to follow your tour de 2001 in 2001!! Say hey to all the cheeseheads,continued best of luck.
    Hadley ,Ray, and Steve

    Editors Note: Joe swears he only wished her a happy birthday!

  • Submitted May 20, 2001
    Ken, Randy, Joe and Ralph

    I really liked taking pictures of the start of your trip- look for them in the towns you pass through and let me know who picks them up. I was daydreaming that the Associated Press would want pictures of the whole thing and I could tag along- but it stayed a daydream.

    I will get some prints of the better ones made up for you before you return. Regretfully- daughter's illness kept me from catching up for day two.

    What you are doing is terrific. best of luck and tailwinds always.

    Gary Cook, Photographer

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    Dear Guys,
    I will not be here at the motel when you leave in the morning, so I wanted to say 'good luck' and thanks for staying with us. I enjoyed your story very much and as I told you, I admire your dedication.
    God bless you all and travel safely.
    Vern Hanson, General Manager
    Super 8, Kellogg, Idaho

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