Encouraging Words for Ken, Randy and Joe!

When we first started this "encouragements" page, I figured we would get some words of wisdom and encouragent--the standard "way to go" stuff. As I've seen each of these encouragements come through our website, I've seen so many of you pour out your hearts and souls here on this very page! Let no one say that this trip has not touched peoples lives--the proof is right here on this very page! I am amazed, and in awe. Thank you all for sharing with us. Please feel free to keep sending in thoughts and comments. We'll continue to post them for as long as they are coming in. And to Ken, Randy and Joe, thank you all for touching our lives! -Matt & Heidi (son #5 and wife)

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    Hello Ken & Family,
    Well It was truly great seeing you and all the classmates that I haven't seen In fifty years---Betty and I wish you well on your next voyage.We'll be looking forward to seeing how things go with you next.
    God Bless Jude And Betty Rutten

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    I just wanted to drop a line and say Great Job to all of you - My family recently moved in next door to Ken. When people ask how I like the neighborhood, I mention that my neighbor is the grandfather featured in the TriCity Herald who is biking to Wisconsin with his son and grandson - and almost everyone has heard of your trip! Congratulations!
    Tom Marr

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    Hi guys;
    I live in Kaukauna and I've been reading clips of your trip in the Kaukauna Times. I'm really amazed at the distance you've covered. I imagine you've seen some great things going through the various states at biker speeds as opposed to whizzing by in a car or plane. Congratulations on your journey and I hope you had a good time at your reunion.
    Linda B

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    We enoyed having you in our office on Monday. It was great to hear how you traveled such a long distance for your reunion. Thank you for the pleasure of being able to help you with you medical needs. Good luck in the future.

    Debbie & staff
    Valley Urologic Assoc.

  • Submitted June 19, 2001
    Hi I have followed your Journal every day and enjoyed it very much, thanks. I was wondering when you are going to have something on there about the runion? I live one and on half blocks from Jim and Sherie and also on Sat. I was working in the yard as you rode by with 26 news. Have a safe and relaxing trip home.

  • Submitted June 17, 2001
    Hello: Just wanted to drop you a note and say I enjoyed meeting you. What a nice trip for 3 generations. I thought our story on NBC 26 in Green Bay turned out well. I hope you had a chance to see it. Good Luck. Bob Healey NBC 26

  • Submitted June 17, 2001
    Hello to the Lettau 3, We praise God that you made it safely. Just want to say a BIG Happy Father's Day from the Benton City Lettau Gang.

  • Submitted June 17, 2001
    Uncle Ken, Randy and Joe: I have been looking forward to your arrival in Kaukauna for quite sometime. It has been wonderful seeing my cousins because it has been over 30 years. Also, Uncle Ken, you are a total inspiration to all of us. You are one of a kind and I am so lucky having you as my uncle. Maybe you will all take back our wonderful Wisconsin accent to Washington state! Niece and cousin Nancy (Derfus) Breaker

  • Submitted June 17, 2001
    To all of you, congratulations on your ride across this great land. I intersected your path at Pompey's Pillar as the three of you were in the process of taking your picture at the information sign to the Pillar. As I drove up, you all remarked about me being from Washington State and offering the information of being from there also. My journey carrying me into North Dakota, to northern Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia before returning home was nothing compared to your efforts. Maybe more people should involve themselves in your mood of travel, taking time to see what many of us traveling at 60 and 70 miles per hour miss on our haste. Once again, congratulations and have a safe return home. Bob Buzzell Tokeland, WA

  • Submitted June 14, 2001
    Bet it seems strange not to be hopping on those bikes every morning. Any stiffness? Would you like to do a similar ride in the future? It's been fun checking your progress every day. Now we're looking forward to hearing how the reunion goes and praying about your addressing the crowd. How many were there in your class? By the way, Lee was really pleased and surprised he guessed the exact time of your arrival. He's looking forward to the hat. Have a great time this weekend and the rest of your "vacation."

    Doc and Cory

  • Submitted June 14, 2001
    Great Job Lettau's !!

    I have been following your progress on the inter-net and in talking to Jeff (#4 son) on a daily basis I am amazed as Jeff was of your trouble free trip(praise God). You guy's are an inspiration to us couch potato's who never even dream of such an adventure like that,let alone carry it out.
    However having had Jeff as my boss for the last couple of years I know a little something about the Lettau families strength of character and knew you guy's would cross the finish line on bloodied knee if you had to.
    Congratulations !!! Now rest up and enjoy your families and let us know what's next. In His Love, Jim Roberts
    P.S. I don't think anyone has biked to the top of Mt. Everest.............

  • Submitted June 14, 2001
    Hi, my name is Zachariah West. I live in Bellingham, WA. and I wanted to say that I am really happy to get a chance to see what your group has accomplished throughout this ride. It also inccorages me to continue the bicycling that I love to do.

    The long distance bicycle ride that I participated in was in July of 1999. With a group close to 200 people, I bicycled over the North Cascades Mountain Passes ( Route 20 ). The ride is 402 miles, with an elevation total of 22,000 ft. throughout the ride.

    One of the reasons that I enjoyed looking through your site, is due to the fact that I like to ride the Bike E. Although I'm not riding at the current time, I will be starting back on the routine of riding daily, after I purchase a new recumbent. Which will be the RX model of the Bike E. And, the reason that I'm having to purchase a new Bike E, is due to a hit and run that occured about 1 year ago now. And, as soon as I get the new recumbent. I will start doing fundraising to participate in three different bicycle rides that raise money for the research for an AIDS vaccine.

    So, keep on rollin'......and I hope that you get to enjoy many many more bicycle rides.


    Zachariah S. West

  • Submitted June 14, 2001
    If I do say so myself - Making a 2001 mile bike ride to Kaukauna is definetely worth a stop at Hilltop Bakery...HAHA...Caught you >>Ken and Joe<< in the act of a donut run Tuesday morning. We are guilty too also (Jason and Glenn)....but there is nothing better than a Hilltop donut. . . right? Anyway - Congrats on a wonderful venture and cherish the memories of a three generation saga. It has been an awesome opportunity to follow your trip over the web through Lettau.com. Take care and Have a great time at the Alumni events. Take care and God Bless - Jason Kemp - - PS - How were the donuts? -- LOL-- L8R Jason

  • Submitted June 14, 2001
    Ken & fellow travelers,

    Praise be to God.
    We thank God that you arrived at your destination. When do you come home? Are you biking back also?


  • Submitted June 13, 2001
    Hey guys!
    You did it! What a neat accomplishment. I honestly think that such a trip would not have gone as well with out God's hand on your backs. This experience will be remembered by you and all the peoples lives you have touched. I'm proud I can say that I know such determined and wonderful people.

  • Submitted June 12, 2001
    It was great to see you all made the trip in good health and looks like fine spirits! Guess a lot of the credit must go to the "spirit" that guided and protected you. Congrats to all of you. My daughter and fiancee from Salt Lake were with me when we visited at the Pompey's Pillar rock. They say they have had only once chance to check your progress as they are computerless. We did so enjoy our brief chat at the rock and you made a lasting impression on us.
    Have fun at the reunion and a safe trip home "in luxury" when the time comes.
    Thanks for visiting with us.
    Bonnie Fox
    Ballantine, MT

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    PRAISE THE LORD - for your safe and adventurous journey. We can't find the right words to adequately express our admiration in your accomplishment. I believe my cousin Bettelu (Burney Bungalow) summed it best - JOY JOY JOY We'll miss the daily anticipation of your journal and pictures. Appreciate the opportunity to travel with you via the website.
    In Christ,
    Ray and Vicki Menebroker

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Dad, Randy, and Joe,
    Wow! What more can I say? Following your trip on our website has been as much fun as an armchair traveler could ever hope for. I must admit, like Thomas in the Bible, I had my doubts. Not about any of your stamina or willpower to do the task, but about equipment, the lack of a follow car, and my generally poor expectations of people along the way. You three and God have restored my faith in my fellow man and have shown to me (and hopefully to many out there) that America is still a great, good country filled with great, good people. People willing to lend a helping hand to a stranger or three. People willing to be used of God to further his witness, knowingly or not.
    If pride be a weakness, then God forgive me for being very proud of each of you. I have been deeply moved as I read today's final journal and saw the pictures. I am grateful to be your son.
    May God bless your sharing time with friends and family and return you safely to us here at home.
    Jeff (son #4) Lettau

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Hi Ken, Randy and Joe

    Decided to head out to Highway 10 thinking you would be just about through Weyeawega at approx 1:15pm. Took the Hwy 96 route and was given the surprise of my day...here you were coming toward Little Chute just passing under the 441 Express Hwy. You sure made good time today. Enjoyed your "trip" just as much as you did. Hope you can enjoy more adventurous trips together.

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Randy, Ken and Jeff You know, another 1000+- miles east, (Phila), and I would have to be obliged to buy you all dinner. I got your note just before you left on the trip, I thought it quit an undertaking, but knowing you and Ralph, i.e., unboat race, you have great determination, and if you get any of that from your dad, it will be a sure thing to do this. (that is why I think you should keep heading east). Keeping your safety and health in our prayers. Robert

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Congratulations on returning to Kaukauna.

    It has been a treat for us to watch you as you followed your dream. As the President of the Kaukauna High School Alumni Association, I want to Thank you for your extra efforts in returning to this years 50th class reunion and the Rally. Enjoy your time at "Home". I will be looking forward to meeting you.

    Kay Abel

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Three Bike-a-teers
    Where's the Wisconsin rain you've been writing about! :-) Looks like (from Little Chute pictures) you Tremendous Trio had some stored sunshine you released on arrival. Those smiles and shorts reveal God's Blessings on a Goal well achieved - almost. Impatiently awaiting the Kaukauna arrival news.

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    ken, randy, and joe,
    we met today just outside of little chute. i didn't have to drive far to find you guys. as i write this i'm sure you've reached your destination. ken, have a great time at your reunion and thanks for the story about my grandpa mcmahon. i'm sure the trip was made easier by the great camaraderie between you all. oh on the photo enclosed i just thought i should mention that we all made joe stand next to my daughter. (not that she minded) thanks again for a great story to follow.

    mike and cailin,
    little chute, wi
    Click here for attached pictures!

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Congratulations. You did it!! We're so proud of you guys for your stamina and stick-to-it-ivness. And we give thanks to our Lord for protecting you all this time on the road; and pray for continued safety coming back home. Have a great reunion! Love, Bud & Charlene Pflieger

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Wow. We at the CBC Fitness Center MISS YOU. When I arrive at 6AM I log on to your web site and we follow your progress. A heartfelt congratulations to all of you. We are so proud of you and grateful you allow us to share your journey. I feel as though I am a part of your journey when I read the journal and see the pictures. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, you three have enriched our lives. You have shared a wonderful family experience that will be with you all your lives. Well done! See you soon.
    Shelly Belt

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Hello All,

    Today's the big day! Woohoo!!! It's about 10 am on a rainy Seattle morning here. Hope you are having a nice sunny noon there. Rain or shine, I'm sure you are all smiles. Many, many congratulations to the whole Lettau team. May the glory of this trip be felt for a long, long time.

    Brenda Stuvek

  • Submitted June 11, 2001
    Dear Ken, Randy and Joe,

    What a treat to meet you along highway 10 near Weyauwega! Your trip is a real inspiration to my husband and me, helping to spur along my bike riding dreams.

    If you decide to put together a book or some other kind of follow up project that aims to reach people for Christ let me know. Maybe we can help support the project.

    God's Blessings to all of you,
    Marcia Rhone
    Weyauwega, WI

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Can you tell that you're in Wisconsin......by the rain, rain, rain!! But, isn't it beautiful? I'll always love it, even tho' we fly there, from California!!
    Have a "wunnerful Wisconsin" time, now, doncha know? Lois E'd me, and said she was gonna metchaz in Amherst. Great job, men!! Proud of yaz. Kept track of your trip every inch of the way. You were in our prayers.
    Peg & Tom

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Ken - Randy - Joe . . . Congratulations On A Job Well Done. God has given you three an awesome experience that will be remembered for all your lifetimes. A final message to say that I am glad that you three made the trip to Kaukauna and God Bless you as you venture back to Washington next week- See you sometime this week- - Jason ps - - The Post Crescent has been doing a wonderful job of covering your trip and making further details of your trip known to us all here in Kaukauna. . . Have been talking to many people in town about your trip and they are all in admiration of you three. CONGRATS ON A JOB WELL DONE KEN - RANDY - JOE...Love and God Bless
    Jason Kemp

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Hi there,

    Peg & Tom Vanevenhoven, here. We live in Yuba City, California. Peg went to St. Mary's school in Kaukauna, and lived only a few blocks from the Lettau's. Tom, my husband, lived over the bridge, on the north side. Anyhow, we go back a long way together. Wish Tom & I were gonna be in Kaukauna when Ken, Randy & Joe arrive. But, next year is OUR 50th alumni reunion, and we're gonna be back there, at that time.

    Just want to congratulate you on a great job, well done, on this website. I looked forward to every day, and checking it out. I E'd Lois (Ken's sister) and she told me she was gonna meet Ken & the group with a few sisters in Amherst, today.

    What a wunnerful job and what a great family Pat & Ken have raised. God bless and love you all.....Will keep in touch.

    Peg & Tom

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Ken, you guys made it!! It was a real treat to see pictures of Marian, Eileen, Lois and Jan today. Know the Amherst area well as I attended and graduated from Stevens Point in the good old days before it was UWSP. We have followed your cross country excursion with interest and amazement these past weeks. Joyce sends her best to Eileen and wishes to remind her our Class of '47 has a 55th reunion next year. Have a great time at your 50th Kaukauna High School Reunion this weekend.
    John & Joyce Lettau, Santa Maria, Ca.

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    what a fun journey it has been to watch on the net. i live in little chute, wi, the last town before kaukauna and can't believe the guys will be cruising though our town tomorrow. i know God has been present with these men on their journey and their families should be proud of what they have accomplished. well i hope to see the guys tomorrow in little chute.
    in Christ,
    Mike Mcmahon

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Hi Ken and faithfull merry men,

    Go Ken Go.

    I have had the opportunity to share what your doing as a lead in to a conversation on Christianity about three times at work.

    Keep sowing those seeds, Kenny Appleseed.

    Ken Brager and Family

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Hi Ken,

    I've been so busy I haven't kept up with you but talked with Jane on this last Sunday and she encouraged me to check in with you. You're doing great and I bet it has been a great experience. Have a great time in Kaukauna.

    Roma De La Hunt

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    I live in Kaukauna and it is Sunday and I just read your Journals from Fri, & Sat. You are in good Wisconsin now, thank goodness. We will be waiting for your arrival here. I really enjoyed following you trip every day. Good luck on your last two days. I also am going to a class reunion this year but it is only 35 miles and I would not even think of trying something like that.
    God speed.

  • Submitted June 10, 2001

    Think Tozer's words fit your journey on the roads you've been traveling these past weeks. You've given us much thought as we watch your daily walk with Him. Praise the Lord!

    Today's Solitude
    Modern civilization is so complex as to make the devotional life all but impossible. It wears us out by multiplying distractions and beats us down destroying our solitude, where otherwise we might drink and renew our strength, before going out to face the world again. "The thoughtful soul to solitude retires," said the poet of other and quieter times; but where is the solitude to which we can retire today? "Commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still," is a wise and healing counsel; but how can it be followed in this day of the newspaper, the telephone, the radio and television? These modern playthings, like pet tiger cubs, have grown so large and dangerous that they threaten to devour us all. What was intended to be a blessing has become a positive curse. No spot is now safe from the world's intrusion. The need for solitude and quietness was never greater than it is today. What the world will do about it is their problem. Apparently the masses want it the way it is, and the majority of Christians are so completely conformed to this present age that they, too, want things the way they are. They may be annoyed a bit by the clamor and by the goldfish-bowl existence they live, but apparently they are not annoyed enough to do anything about it.
    ... A. W. Tozer, Of God and Men
    God Bless... Herb Smith

  • Submitted June 10, 2001
    Hi all, met Ken at Harrdee's in Marshfield WI. If he is on his way to his 50th. class reunion then he is older then I am and to bicycle 2001 miles, some of which was though the mountains, is an amazing feat.

    I noticed the picture of the cross on the hill on the back of Ken's jacket, nice to know that he knows the LORD and gives HIM the honor and the glory for his good health and a save trip.

    James Woehrle
    Marshfield WI

    GOOD LUCK & "GOD" continue to be with you

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Randy, Ken & Joe,

    I recently found out about your tremendous undertaking from my dad via "The Sandstorm." I enthusiastically signed on to your website where I spent a few hours catching up, not only with your daily progress but also with your lives as well. (Since it's been 25 plus years!) What wonderful memories you are making together...you're inspiring to us all. May God continue to bless you.

    Sherri (Epler) Fitzgerald
    Bend, Oregon

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Ken, Randy and Joe.....

    Your three have accomplished something wonderful for all involved. We found you near Mondovi, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 9th. The rain didn't seem to have any negative affect on your pace. If ever there were three guys who deserved a gift jar of Grey Poupon, it's you! Hope it brightened your day just a little bit. I'm glad that we had our paths cross.

    Jim & Marge O'Mara
    Eau Claire, WI

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Ken, I admire your trek. My limit on a bike is about 25 miles in any one day. It would take me 100 days from Calif. to Kaukauna. I'm sure you will be in better shape than I am. But , sorry I'm taking a plane. Look forward to seeing you at the reunion.
    Joe Janssen

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Hey guys, I continue to follow your progress. Keep the faith and the wheels turning. When you get back we will have to sing the praises!
    Treg Owings

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Great trip guys! Jean and I have been thrilled at the times the Lord has provided for you when things looked shaky and the witnessing opportunities you have had. You are almost there, keep up the Spirit and yours.
    God Bless! Floyd and Jean Shoemaker

  • Submitted June 9, 2001
    Hi Again!

    We just couldn't stand it, reading about all the fun you're having - so we got our bikes out this morning and did the 23 mile loop across the bridge, through Chiawana Park, back across the blue bridge, through Columbia Park, etc. and back home. I bet you're all super excited about being almost there! By the way, Lee says to tell you that you're going to miss a men's breakfast at Ken M.s tomorrow morning (unless you hurry back really fast!). Also, we each entered a guess on your arrival time, which is why there are 2 entries from our computer to yours.

    We'll be praying for you as you speak at your reunion.
    Doc and Cory Clark

  • Submitted June 9, 2001

    Wow! Your trip has drawn over 5000 visitors to the website! That's amazing! Only God knows how many lives will be touched and changed by your trip. My fellow workers all find it inspirational, as do I. OK, something on the lighter side (I know you will like this 'cause it's corny!): Why can't a bike stand up by itself? Because it's too tired! (two tired, get it?) I'm sure you all must be feeling too tired about now, but it's gotta be exciting knowing how close the goal is! Press on for the mark!
    May God bless you and keep you.

    Jeff (son number four) Lettau

  • Submitted June 8, 2001
    We are still praying for you all. Praying that God would give you safety on the road. Praying that speaking at the reunion would give glory to His name and others would come to know Him as a result. Praise that you are on schedule.

    The McDevitts of North Bend

  • Submitted June 8, 2001
    Ken, Randy & Joe
    Just wanted to say that you are all in our thoughts and prayers everyday. This must truly be a great adventure for all of you. We are looking forward to your arrival in kaukauna. Love your website, as it makes it so easy for us to keep abreast of your trip. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love and God Bless
    Susie and Keith Deleeuw

  • Submitted June 8, 2001
    The manufacturers of "Grey Poupon" should send you a free case. They are getting alot of publicity.
    Bob Zinsli Keep smiling & God Bless.

  • Submitted June 8, 2001

    Great trip, you'll be blessed with many good memories in years to come.
    Good luck on your last legs of your trip.

    Bob Logsdon
    Grand Detour, Il.

  • Submitted June 8, 2001
    Hi Guys - Husband, son, grandson,
    Proud of you all, solving the problems as they come up. We hope for westerly winds to finish up this trip. Hope you all are eating enough to keep up your energy. (it's a Mom thing!)
    Happy trails, Love, Pat, wife, mom, and grandmom

  • Submitted June 8, 2001
    Randy, Ken & Joe,

    Diana told me in worship last Sunday that things had been rough, so I finally got onto your web site to read through your journal. Sounds like your faith and attitude are more than up to the task -- you would probably come back and tell me that the Lord is up to the task and I would agree. Glad to hear you are healthy again and making progress. Headwinds and the flu! Glad that's over. Here are some good words from Moses in Deut. 33.

    "Blessed are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord? He is your shield and helper and your glorious sword. Your enemies will cower before you, and you will trample down their high places."

    I'll be riding today, too. But the difference is I'll do about 25 miles without any gear on my bike, then come home for a shower and home-cooked meal. Ironically, I envy YOU. The Lord bless you and keep you,

    Eric Irwin
    (Pastor at Randy's church)

  • Submitted June 7, 2001
    Good luck from everyone at Texas Hydraulics on the remaining miles!! Sounds like your making great progress. Being originally from Eastern North Dakota- Detroit Lakes area was a summer favorite except for the mosquitos.
    Have a safe trip.

    Reed Vivatson

  • Submitted June 6, 2001
    Just a quick note to say hi. I work with Randy and find your trip amazing. I read your journal everyday. I wish I could be there with you. I have always wanted to do a long bike trip. Hopefully some day I will. I was born and raised in Hamilton MT. and went to school at MSU in Bozeman MT. Too bad you didn't have more time to take some back roads through Montana (Hwy 12, 89, 294) which in my mind would have been more pleasant than all on I-90 and I-94. Still beautiful country. On June 3, Butte had 6 inches of snow on the ground. Glad you missed that. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    PS: My Dad grew up in Beaver Dam WI.

    Alan Dittmaier

  • Submitted June 6, 2001
    Hello All,

    I'm very thankful my Mom e-mailed me about your website. Each day's journal is a treat to read. It is a fantastic way to share your amazing adventure and faith. It is also an inspiration to see the way your family works together in this endeavor. And what a reunion you will have, there probably aren't enough superlatives to describe it! You have touched more lives than you'll ever know. My prayers are with you all.

    Brenda (Hurley) Stuvek
    (David & Martha's eldest)

  • Submitted June 6, 2001
    Hi! Just heard about your bike trip from the Sandstorm - you guys must be on the home stretch by now! Keep up the good work!

    Doug Noblehorse, aka Doug Payne

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Hear lots of folks talking about your trip --- wondering how far along you are. It is enjoyable keeping up with your adventure. What a wonderful "memory maker." I hope to make a trip like that some day, just as soon as I get to heaven. The Lord bless and keep you. Stanley Hughes

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Joe, Randy, Ken :-)

    "On the Road Again".... - you are commended for your endurance and perseverence. As you credit Him for your daily ride, this armchair traveler is PRAISING and THANKING HIM for your safety at each day's end.

    Your witnessing encounters bring tears and more prayers for those who have heard your story. May our AWESOME GOD continue His Blessings for the "short" distance to the finish line. Phil 4:13

    I'm going to look good sporting that orange cap!!!!! :-)
    Doc Clark

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Uncle Ken, Randy, and Joe:
    WAY TO GO YOU GUYS ! We're real proud of all of you and this enormous accomplishment for the three of you. A very memorable experience for three generations of Lettaus'. Have a safe final leg of the trip to Kaukauna. See you soon and rest assured - it will hopefully stop raining as you guys arrive - as it has been raining steadily almost every day here. Love and God Bless -
    Glen and Sharon Kemp

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Hi Ken,
    Wow, what an adventure you men are having. Don't think I could be that adventurous. How wonderful this age is that you can share your trip with us back here. We miss you at GO-BOWL.
    I pray that you will have a super time (I am sure you are). May God give you a safe journey.
    Barbara & Norm Goldsmith

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Hello Randy:

    Been following your trip thanks to the guys @ your work. God speed be with you ! (Looks like you�re having too much fun)

    Mark Morel

  • Submitted June 5, 2001

    I have joined in your adventure late, but better late then never. I am pleased that you are all in good spirits and in good health. I wish I had heard the interview on the Ken Hamblin show. Can you give more details? How are you bikes holding up? Are you on schedule? I pray that the weather will holds out for you. I was checking on the web and it appears that there will be thunderstorms in your area. Be careful.

    Our prayers are with you,

    Mark & Jeanne Dillner

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Hi, guys!

    It's really bad to covet, want, be jealous of, etc. isn't it! Well, then, I am all of the above. I'd sure love to be doing what you're doing - but it's so neat that the Lord gave you the opportunity to do it! And we are rooting for you and praying for you and look forward to your daily journal and the pictures. And you're almost there! Do you sing as you go along? Songs like "I'm just rollin' along" and "Bicycle Built for Two"?
    Doc and Cory Clark

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Dear Fellas,

    I met you for a brief moment and was enhanced by our conversation we had engaged in during your brief stop at the Cenex gas station in West Fargo North Dakota. I would like to further express my wishful thoughts and prayers for your safe trip to your destination and again upon your arrival home. Myself and my Family wish you and yours the Best!

    I prayed for the wind which you asked for!

    Ben & Family

  • Submitted June 5, 2001
    Better get a move on.....we're right on your heels....kinda
    We're about 300 miles south and just a few days behind.
    In a few weeks a small group of pluck Oregonians will ride from Scottsbluff NE to near Keokuk, Iowa (800 mi in 9 days)
    We're doing a cross country trip but in snipets ( about 7-9 days a year)

    We'll hit the east coast in summer of 2003

    Glad to hear that there's somebody in the NW neighborhood who's over 50 and has the desire for a 2001 in 2001.

    The Real Mike Johnson
    Salem, OR

  • Submitted June 4, 2001
    Dear Christian friends,
    Grace & peace from Weyauwega, Wi. I read of your ride through the Appleton Post Crescent. I am a 52 year old woman who loves the Lord and riding bike. Fortunately my husband is also catching the "bug" to bike.
    This weekend we will be participating in the New London Cancer Relay for LIfe. We will remeber you in prayer as we walk for that cause. (Three years ago I walked a marathon, 26.2 miles at this event).
    Thanks guys for being an inspiration to consider a new biking challenge. Your teamwork and witness for the Lord is awesome. What a God we have!! Hopefully I will be able to wave a bit of encouragement as you pass by our community.

    Marcia Rhone
    Weyauwega, WI

  • Submitted June 4, 2001
    Ken, Randy and Joe (Hollow Legs) Lettau:

    Great website! Joshua was very interested in your TCH article, and I will forward this site to him. Josh is now in Charleston, SC. God bless as you travel along the highway, and divine protection upon all of you. Joe, if you happen to see a good badger laying on the side of the road, bring it home for me.

    Pete Seilhymer

  • Submitted June 4, 2001
    My name is Penny and I work for Sunburst Video in Richland (I'm the one with glasses Joe). Over this past weekend relatives of yours came into the store and I asked about Joe as I hadn't seen him in awhile. I was handed this card listing your mission, website address and e-mail.

    This is great!! I don't know the details of when the reunion is, but I hope you all are having a blast getting there!!

    Also, could I post your card at Sunburst and tell other customers about you all?? Let me know.
    you sure can-editor
    I hope to hear from you soon. I'll keep in touch.


  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    Ken - Randy - Joe ... Keep it up and you will be here in no time at all - Have been tracking your journey over the website and admiring the scenic pictures. Keeping you in prayer and thought as you journey eastward to Kaukauna...Take Care and Good Luck on the final miles of your journey - -See you when you guys get here - -Take care and God Bless - -Jason Kemp

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    Hey Ya'll,
    I am really impressed by the dedication you have! It sounds as if you have been having your tribulations, but it all smooths over with some help from God. Keep smiling. I can't wait to see at you home!

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    We first spotted the riders pulling up a long hill East of Miles City, Montana and we're quite amazed. Gilbert Paulson and I, Rob Swift, were headed to Glen Ullin, N.D. to purchase the 36 Ford that Ken is so envious of. We were staying with my cousins Pat & Margaret Swift who run the Red Roof Bed & Breakfast. After a day of scouting the countryside for more old cars we returned to the B&B and spotted the 3 bicycles which we recognized as having seen earlier on our trip. We spoke to the riders that night -- they were quite tired and headed to bed early. The next day they were up and gone before we got up. We were impressed with their tenacity. We wish them a safe trip and a heck of a good 50th high school reunion to Grandpa ! I would like to invite them all to see my 36 Ford a year from now in Tacoma, WA.

    Rob Swift

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    WOW! Reading and following your progress, I've caught myself contemplating the old 10-speed Schwinn in the garage, and what it would take to clean up and lube it. Then, I sit down and wait for the euphoria to pass. Not enough ambition? Too many gray cells? Whatever, I'm just not ready to "do it".
    Keep up the good ride, and I'll be seeing you in about a week! Your son, brother, and father, David. (never said that before!)

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    Heard about your trip today from Bud and Charlene Pfleiger of Kennewick. We will watch your progress. God Bless and save arrival. Tom and Florence Harves

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    Hi there, "Boys!"---
    We are thoroughly impressed......not only by this entire feat, but the great website, and daily updates. Look forward to reading of your adventures everyday. Just so proud of you all. Today is the Feast of Pentecost, Ken, and you know that the Holy Spirit is guiding you all the way "home." .....won't be long now.
    Love & prayers,
    Peg & Tom Vaneevenhoven

  • Submitted June 3, 2001
    Dear Ken and Family...

    My granddaughter and I are following your journey. I enjoy looking at the pictures, keep up the good work and God bless.

    Harriet Blum

  • Submitted June 2, 2001
    Your Goal is in Sight!

    We have been with you all the way, only a lot more comfortable!! Guess the magnitude of you endeavor hit us when we realized we went to Eugene to see Ken's sister and then to Lincoln City to meet with some friends and stayed at a house on the ocean for 3 days and then back home and you are still cycling! Your memos every day have been so much fun to read. In Eugene we even went to the University of Oregon (they stay open until ll) so that we could read your web site.

    The pictures are coming across great and you all look rough and handsome. We are grateful for the wonderful contacts you have courtesy of our Awesome God.
    Miss you and will be glad when you home. Ken and Mary Meyers

  • Submitted June 1, 2001
    Hi guys,

    We have been reading with great fascination and interest as you make your trek across the country. It is pretty cool the way God has been sending you helpful and encouraging people just when you needed it! Thanks so much for sharing all the details! It is probably the closest we'd ever get to a trip that requires so much physical effort. All your pictures and your journal gives us the feeling we too are there with you! Our prayers are with you and we keep lifting you up to God in prayer and thought. We will keep reading and watching.

    thanks, yours in Christ,

    Gini Blacksmith

  • Submitted June 1, 2001
    Hi, Lettaus! Thinking about you, praying for you. Hoping everything is down hill and down wind, it's much easier that way. Grandma Jane and Grandpa Russ (Armstrong).

  • Submitted June 1, 2001
    Greetings from the McDevitt family in North Bend,

    It's so fun to look at the pictures of your adventure. We are praying for your safety and your effective witnessing.


  • Submitted May 31, 2001
    Good luck guys! I think what you are doing is great. What a wonderful experience for all of you and what a statement for Christ! We need more Christians such as you. Keep on cycling for Christ! Let's all pray for a cure for cancer. Thanks for the web site so we can join you on this adventure!

    For Him,

    Tracy Bahn
    Haughton, Louisiana

  • Submitted May 31, 2001
    I heard you on Ken Hamblin's radio talk show. So I checked out your web site and what a great trip. I am 45 and have a 16 year old son-we both enjoy riding too. I hope we can do a "short" ride like this from coast to coast before I die. Maybe I'll wait till he has a 16 yr old too. (grin)

    You guys are a real inspiration to all the sick-lame & lazy folks everywhere.

    Have a safe trip-
    GOD Bless

    Wayne Spencer of Spencer's Warrior Club

  • Submitted May 31, 2001
    Hi Ken, Randy, & Joe,
    We have enjoyed reading your journal and following your progress. I read a daily devotion from "Amazing Grace". The one for May 29 focused on the hymn "America The Beautiful". I immediately thought of you folks and your delight in experiencing , "O beautiful for spacious skies (the real beauty of the plains) , the purple mountains, that you have left behind. My God shed His grace on you today and all those you come in contact with.
    The hymn for today is "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Please sing as you ride, "Glory, glory Hallelujah! His truth is marching on."
    God has prepared a path for you and He will guide your footsteps.
    Our prayers for your safety, Larry and Judy Alkire, Gold River, CA

  • Submitted May 31, 2001
    Hi, Ken and Gang,

    This is our first opportunity to see your fantastic website (we've been down in California visiting the bunch and attending Bryan's wedding - it was great!).
    All our kids came down for the occasion. Life seems a bit dull, however, compared with what you are doing! We'd love to be with you and will be praying for you daily. (But we can't help wishing we could be doing this, too)

    Love in Christ,

    Doc and Cory Clark

  • Submitted May 31, 2001
    Ken, Randy & Joe,
    Keep up your determination, and most of all have a safe and complete trip. Hope that your reunion in Kaukauna is as much as you hope for. Congrats on your efforts and good luck. When you reach the Valley, call and let Mike or Becky know that their brother-in-law from Ky. has been following your trip and is concerned that you have arrived safely. Have a terrific time-

    Jim Dorris
    Madisonville, Ky.

  • Submitted May 31, 2001
    You are right on schedule....Keep up the good work. Looks like you are truely enjoying yourselves. Over half-way. Really enjoying the pictures. It is like we are all sharing in your adventure. Thank you and God Bless...Keep you safe. - Doodles Schaeffer

  • Submitted May 30, 2001
    I'm impressed that you fellows are doing this. A long walk for me is down to the mail box. Hang in there.----Bill Moffitt

  • Submitted May 30, 2001
    Lookin good! Montana is done and North Dakota will be a piece of cake in comparison. Randy, I will mention your progress on the hike tommorrow. We are going up Granite Mtn and the weather is looking good. Oh, please tell Joe to smile at least once. This is an experience of a lifetime that he will cherish for years to come and he should at least look like he is enjoying it!
    I know God is with you so enjoy all that he offers.
    George S. Bondor,Jr.

  • Submitted May 30, 2001
    Ken, Randy and Joe,

          May neither drouth
              Nor rain nor blizzard
          Disturb the joy-juice
              In your gizzard!
          And may you camp
              Where wind won't hit you,
          Where snakes won't bite
              And bears won't git you!
                    ~ Author unknown ~
    God Bless,

    Herb and Gail Smith

  • Submitted May 30, 2001
    Hello from New London , Wisconsin.
    Have been enjoying the pictures and commentary.
    It has been very rainy here also.
    Wishing you safe riding.
    God Bless!

    Stan Cottrill

  • Submitted May 30, 2001
    I live in Kaukauna. Wi and I am following your trip every day. I really enjoy the journals and pictures. I hope the rest of the trip has better weather. I know that you guys can make it. Have a safe trip . God be with you. E. R. Smith

  • Submitted May 29, 2001
    Chad Ash from BikeE ent me your link to your page. I am so imprest, about 8 week back I made a comtment to try to get this bet up old body back in some sort of shap. I have arthrites in my knees and ankles. So walking is not a lot of fun. So I Bought a BikeE and started riding and have a little pain but I am enjoying the rides. Have had some though about riding some long rides, 50 or so miles. To see what you HAVE done and still want to do. I am stund and inspired. Thank you! May God bless you, an any one who want to try something different in there life.
    Glen Mayer
    St. Louis Mo.

  • Submitted May 29, 2001
    On May 28 in Forsythe, Montana, our group encountered the bikers at the Dairy Queen. There are 44 in our Elderhostel and we are spending 18 days following the Lewis & Clark Trail from St. Charles, MO to Astoria, OR by bus. We range in age from 59 to to 89. We enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story. Good luck.

    Walt Deutsch and Andrea Frande

  • Submitted May 29, 2001
    Hello.........My words are only repeated words of all your well-wishers so........... Man !!!!!!!!!! this is really cool. Modern day technology has made this really interesting on this end. Just think how long it took fo people to hear how Lewis and Clark were doing ? Love the pictures ! I'm not into soap-operas but I'm sure into your adventures. I grew up in Idaho and Montana and loved seeing it all again from the comforts of my " OFFICE " Well.......better go back to work. God Bless You All.

  • Submitted May 29, 2001
    Hey - we are watching your progress and after today you should be almost halfway to Cobbles Creek!!!! We have a 55th reunion next year but despite all your good reports will take an easier route - like flying!! Enjoy this venture to the fullest. John and Joyce Lettau, Santa Maria, Ca.

  • Submitted May 29, 2001
    Hi Lettau guys,
    We continue to read of your adventures, and are praying with you that the headwinds will not be bad today. What an awesome trip you are having.
    Bask in the fact that many are praying for you. May God continue to protect, encourage, and lift each of you up this day.

    Al & Linda Edmondson

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    Hello to you Lettau guys!
    Just logged on to your site after being on vacation! You're in "God's Country" when you're in Montana! That comes from an "old" resident born in Polson lo those many years ago. Good to see that you're all doing well and forging on. Your undertaking is wonderful - the experiences of people, places and things will be unforgettable. Best of all is your opportunity to share our God with others. Keep on truckin' (or is that cyclin')! You're in my prayers.
    Blessings...........Barb Marsh

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    I visited my friend Vicki Menebroker, Heidi's mom, yesterday. She passed on your card and story.


    My sister's father-in-law has prostate cancer and is depressed and despondent. I will pass on your story and website in hopes he might get inspired and lifted up a bit. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers in some of your long miles - his family is having difficulty not giving up on him as he just won't help himself at all.

    Enjoy the beauty of America as we enjoy watching your progress!

    Betsy Guzzetta
    Rancho Murieta, CA

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    We are from Glendive Montana - stopped briefly at Forsythe, MT at noon for treats. Just returning from a home school graduation in Billings where our niece participated in the ceremony. The three were fighting winds and they wondered if they would be able to make it to Miles City tonight. We checked out the web page and will be following their journey with excitement for them. We are hoping to see them as they pass thru' our city so will be watching for them tomorrow evening. Blessings to them on their way.
    Merle and Connie Mullet

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    Hello Guys,
    Still following your journey! What a great time it must be. I'm noticing that the red line is catching up with the black line on the U.S. map. Keep it up! We'll keep watching with interest and admiration.

    God Bless,
    The Bowers

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    Hi Mr. Lettau, Randy, and Joe,

    We are following your journey on your web site. We are impressed with the organization and determination for this trip! No doubt you will reach your goal. The Lettau gusto is like no other! Keeping you in our prayers for a safe, memorable journey.

    the Langevins

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    Good luck on your journey. I have been watching you daily and you three are really something. I can't believe how mentally strong all of you must be.
    Keep it up! Way to go!
    Jane, Orangevale, Calif.

  • Submitted May 28, 2001
    I've been following your "saga" daily and am printing them out daily so that Gordon Chick can read them with the help of his magnifying lens. We are certainly impressed with your fortitude and endurance (as well as the comlexiry and thoroughnes of your E Mail system) I am able to see and appreciate your pictures but unfortunately do not have a color printer so Gordon doesn't get the effect of the beautiful panorama.

    God bless & God speed
    Loren Henderson (and second hand from Gordon & Ethel)

  • Submitted May 27, 2001
    Good Morning Ken and Randy and Joe,
    Enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made. Sleep and rest each night in peace. Remember Psalm 4:8, I will lie down and sleep in peace, for Thou alone, O Lord, will make me dwell in safety.
    We have been praying for you and your safety and yourdiscipleship each day since Vicki and Ray shared your adventure with us at our neighborhood parish group, Wed. May 23.

    My husband, Larry, is planning the reunion for his Plainville, KS high school graduating class. This will be our 40th class reunion. Hope we can share the Good News of God's great love and blessings with our friends as you are doing.

    Enjoy the beautiful countryside as you ride.

    Prayers, Judy and Larry Alkire, Gold River, CA (Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church)

  • Submitted May 26, 2001
    We were so glad to see that the three of you will be bicycling together to the High School reunion. You are all so lucky to still be healthy enough to make the trip together and enjoy this precious trip together. The memories you will be making will be around for all for many years. Believe me, I know who much memories mean because my mother died very suddenly 6 years ago and my father one year later. You can't have a second chance so really make the most of every moment together. You will never be sorry. Have a wonderful trip and we will be thinking of you everyday! Best of luck.
    Ed and Julie Schenck

  • Submitted May 26, 2001
    Hey guys,
    I keep following your progress every day. You seem to be doing very well. I keep telling your story to any of our guests that are headed east. I tell them to watch for you. As I've said before, you have my admiration.
    God Bless you!
    Vern Hanson
    Super 8 Kellogg, Idaho

  • Submitted May 25, 2001
    As a Pebble in a Pond...

    As I sit here tonight and read through all the encouraging words sent by so many people, and see how many family and friends are following your progress, I am deeply touched. It is far too easy to fall into the belief that one man can't make a difference. Well, you are one man, and you are making a difference. In the lives that you meet along the way, and in the lives of all those who follow your progress from a distance, you are making a difference. For those who's love of the Lord is already strong, you are a focal point of faith, providing an opportunity for them to share with others. For those who's love of the Lord has grown cool, your adventure and living faith are fanning the faltering embers back into a living flame. And for those who know not the Lord God, you are providing an open door, an opportunity for them to be exposed to faith in action, an opportunity for them to seek out the living Jesus. I am very proud of you and I am humbly honored to be your son. Keep the banners of the Lord, the Christian Church, and the Lettaus flying high. The Adventure Continues!
    May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind be at your back.
    May the God of all Creation bless and keep you in his loving hands.

    Your Number Four Son, Jeff Lettau

  • Submitted May 25, 2001
    The Biker's Prayer

    Lord, please clear my head of all distractions.
    And my heart of burdens I may bear.
    So I may perform my very best.
    Knowing You'll always be there.

    With great courage I will meet this challenge.
    As You would have me to.
    But keep me humble and remind me.
    That my strength comes from knowing You.

    Then when all eyes are upon me,
    At the end of this big ride (game)
    I will turn their eyes to You O'Lord,
    And to the glory of Your name.

    I have changed a few words from the The Athlete's Prayer by Danita Pagel
    We miss you. Ken and Mary Myers

  • Submitted May 25, 2001

    Your daily progress is only exceeded by your daily witness before the Lord and to us side liners. We Praise Him and give Him Glory for His strength and comfort as you draw closer to the Class Reunion. The journey's end is just a few more bicycle pumps away..... I know, I know, I'm not the one pedaling or walking the road. But you lads are doing business for the Lord crying out, "AWAKE! for the time for salvation is just a heart beat away."

    We are enthralled with the daily reports and the computer is turned on as soon as possible each morning. The pictures tell a story all their own.

    Herb and Gail

  • Submitted May 25, 2001
    What a wonderful adventure and I am immensely enjoying your journal and pictures as I sit at my computer in Kaukauna. Am pulling and praying for you and look forward to each new recording. An article was in todays Kaukauna Times on you reminding me to look in to your website. A fantastic job is being done and so easy for me to navigate.
    Sheryl of Kaukauna

  • Submitted May 25, 2001
    Great site, inspirational ride! I�m a biker and a Marshfield, WI (�79) Grad.
    Good luck with the rest of your excellent adventure!

    mike, sharon, brady & caroline
    overland park, kansas

  • Submitted May 24, 2001
    Dear Ken, Randy and Joe:

    What a wonderful way to learn from each other and growth stronger in the spirit. Ken has so much to give. I love his bike too.
    My sister and I just finish a cross country trip by car and I feel so lucky that I have a sister. I learned to appreciate her more.
    Good luck and a fun reunion.

  • Submitted May 24, 2001
    Dear Ken, Joe and Randy:

    Charlie Jones said that he hated challenges but love success. You have taken on a big challenge and success is waiting for you.

    I wish I could ride with you--I wish I was there when you need a push--I wish I could share your tiredness and the thrill of a new day. Ken I'm very proud of you.

    Ken it is such a blessing to have Randy and Joe with you on this trip. This is a new chapter in their lives and one that will draw your three generation closer together.

    OUR PRAYERS GO WITH YOU DAILY....................

    Ken and Mary

  • Submitted May 24, 2001
    Ready or not ~ Here come the Lettau's
    O.K. Guys ~ we want to know what you plan to do for an encore? How will you ever top this! We are amazed and totally impressed by your discipline, dedication, and your spirit of adventure. Cycling over hill and dell involves so much more that just the physical...such training for the body, soul, and spirit! May the following words carry you on to Wisconsin:

    Look to this day, for it is life,
    The very life of life.
    For yesterday is but a dream
    And tomorrow is only a vision,
    But today, well lived,
    Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
    And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
    Look well, therefore, to this day.

    Bicycle blessings from the Burney Bungalow

  • Submitted May 23, 2001
    Ah, yes the Clark's Fork River. Is there no end to it. When I drove through there 2 years ago I lost count of how many times we crossed that river.

    I really pictured the scene when you stated your mild disappointment in noticing the river was flowing toward you and not with you! However that caused me to recall an uphill stretch (in 19 and 69) in New York state in which I was racing a freight train, and was winning! The engineers in the train got a good laugh about that.

    Enjoy the great weather and keep the journal entries coming.

  • Submitted May 23, 2001
    You inspire me! How are the hills on your bikee? I bet your back, neck, shoulders and wrists appreciate your new riding position. Safe riding and enjoy the view:)
    Dana Paperman

  • Submitted May 23, 2001
    Hi Gang,
    I've just read of your trip thanks to an e-mail from Chad Ash of BikeE Customer Services. I hope all is going well and you have a FANTASTIC reunion.

    God Bless you all,
    Tony Johnson

  • Submitted May 22, 2001
    Hi from West Richland. The temp is in the high 90's today! Just got thru giving a painting lesson? to Ken Myers and Herb is trying his hand at it too.Just a short reencouragement to all of you to keep up the good work in traveling and reporting and am especially encouraged by the witnessing you have been able to do. The journaling is so good we can hardly wait for each days report. Is there a book in your future? I'll be the first in line to buy one. In His abuntant and abiding love-VgSmith(Gail)

  • Submitted May 22, 2001
    Christian greetings from Oz. Heard about your ride through BikeE so I thought I'd encourage you. It is great to finish a long ride with the feeling you have achieved something. And you are doing just that.
    Grant Toyer

  • Submitted May 22, 2001
    Hi! Hope you are enjoying your "commute". I really miss your smiling face in the mornings. Each day I bring up your site and share with all at the CBC Fitness Center. You should be getting mail from those that asked for your address. The pictures allow us to be a part of your great adventure, and we appreciate the log. I know you are enriching the lives of those you meet. Best of health and great weather. It is supposed to reach 95 degrees today, so be glad you are in cooler weather. Have fun and be safe.

    Your friend, Shelley Belt

  • Submitted May 22, 2001
    We watch your progress daily with great admiration. You are in our prayers daily. Stay safe.

    Jerry & Betty Tolmie
    Surprise, AZ

  • Submitted May 22, 2001
    We are going to keep track of your trek and keep you in our prayers for a safe and memorable journey. What an inspiration you all are to those along the way.

    John & Debbi Trevino (Joe's mom works with Debbi doing machine quilting!)

  • Submitted May 21, 2001
    Thanks so much with dining with us at Zanys Pizza at Silver Mountain. You guys are very inspirational to all you encounter. A special thank you to Joe for helping make that 15 yr. old birthday girl special. We will continue to follow your tour de 2001 in 2001!! Say hey to all the cheeseheads,continued best of luck.
    Hadley ,Ray, and Steve

    Editors Note: Joe swears he only wished her a happy birthday!

  • Submitted May 21, 2001
    I am not sure, but I think I may have seen you fellows on the day you left the Tri-Cities. I was on my way to work Eastbound on I-182 and I believe you were on the side of road making some adjustments on your cycles. I honked and as I looked in my rearview mirror I could see some big waves following me down the highway. I trust your weren't broken down and in need of assistance. Now that I know you are in Missoula tonight, I am pretty certain that you must have been doing okay.

    You fellows are on my mind and in my prayers. Keep those legs pumping! And may God protect you and give you great fellowship together, and many opportunities along the way to share God's goodness with new friends and contacts.

    Yours in Christ,
    Gini Blacksmith

  • Submitted May 21, 2001
    Ken and company,
    I admire your dedication, perseverance and faith. Best wishes and Godspeed to you all.

    Your experiences called to memory one of my favorite poems that I wanted to share with you:

    High Flight (John Gillespie Magee, Jr. 1922-1941)

    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-split clouds and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
    I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air.
    Up, up, up the long, delirious burning blue
    I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
    Where never Lark, or even Eagle flew -
    And while with silent lifting mind, I've trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

    Go with God, my friends!

    Bob Harrison

  • Submitted May 21, 2001
    Ken and company,

    I am enjoying reading the updates. Hope all is going well. I'm doing my best to keep Kaukauna and the surrounding cities informed of your progress. Take care and be safe.

    "Press on: Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance."
    -Calvin Coolidge

    Chris Baker
    Fox Cities Newspapers

  • Submitted May 21, 2001
    Hey guys!
    I know we're not supposed to be jealous but a month on the road, WOW! what a treat! We'll be praying for you and know you're in His hands. We'll be checking in on your progress. What a cool idea! As they say "Godspeed".
    Lord Bless and abide (He promised).

    Keith Berry

  • Submitted May 20, 2001
    Joe and Co.,

    Your Mom and Dad reminded all of us in Sunday School this morning about you guys and we're keepin you in our prayers. Have fun and see you when you get back.

    Keith and Shelley Witwer and RBC Sunday School Class

  • Submitted May 20, 2001
    Greetings from Southern California! I must say I am truly inspired by your endeavor and will think of you and pray for you often. It's great to know my future nieces and/or nephews will have strong, adventurous Lettau blood coursing through their brains.
    My love in Christ,
    Keri Menebroker

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    Hello from North Bend,

    Just a quick note from the Bowers to wish you good riding. Been looking at your website.. very impressive! Ken I think this is a tremendous endeavor... good for you. We'll be watching your progress as you go and be remembering you in prayer as Randy requested.

    The North Benders,
    Mark & Christen Bowers

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    Dear Guys,
    I will not be here at the motel when you leave in the morning, so I wanted to say 'good luck' and thanks for staying with us. I enjoyed your story very much and as I told you, I admire your dedication.
    God bless you all and travel safely.
    Vern Hanson, General Manager
    Super 8, Kellogg, Idaho

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    Ken, Randy, Joe, Ralph...

    Reading your journals of each day... you are glorifying the Father with your witness to all of us on the sidelines. Ken, words fail me, one of these days, I might be able to express myself what God is telling me.

    Thank You Father... In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Herb and Gail Smith

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    Ken and company,

    Steve Fordham, I and 6 other biker friends did the Inland Empire Century today. I did OK untill the final leg from Benton City back to Richland - the legs got toasted. The other Steve was strong all the way preping for the STP. What a stud! But hey, I've only gone 30 miles max this year so not too bad. i mangine your have gottem your bike legs by now. Well enough about me. Looks like you got a proper send off from Richland. Don't speed on your bikes anymore, those tickets get expensive.


    Steve Wellsfry

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    I got wind of your trip from the e-mail you sent out letting everyone know you were going to be gone for an extended time. I decided if you were going to be gone that long you must have something interesting going on. So I took time to look up your web sight. Interesting is an understatement. What a neat idea! Have a safe trip! May God bless all of you. We will be looking forward to a ton of pictures and tales of adventurous times when y'all return.

    Kevin T.

  • Submitted May 19, 2001
    Hello to Ralph, Dad (Ken), Randy, and Joe:

    It is really wonderful to be able to keep up with you by reading the journal and seeing the pictures. The adventure has just begun! I pray God will give you many opportunities along the way to shine for Him. You all are in my prayers daily. Greetings from all the Benton City clan.

    Love, Mary Lettau

  • Submitted May 18, 2001
    Hi Bikers
    Just enjoyed the pictures of May 17, & May 18th. You're looking good. See your soon. Everyone is asking how far you are....I tell them to check it out!!!
    Gene and Jane Schaeffer

  • Submitted May 18, 2001
    Dear Lettau Three, sorry we missed your send-off from Richland but our prayers will be going with you every mile of the way. God bless your witness! Love, Bud & Charlene Pflieger.

  • Submitted May , 2001
    Hey you guys. Good luck in the ride. It has been a long time since the "dustclouds" terrorized the Tri-Cities. Randy, you need to bring the other two in as honorary members! TP a house for old times on the way. May God bless your journey and open doors for your witness.
    In God's Love,
    Treg Owings

  • Submitted May 18, 2001
    You are an inspiration to all of us facing our golden years. Best of luckon your adventure! I hope it is all you hoped it to be and more.

    Madge E. Fraley

  • Submitted May 17, 2001
    Greetings from Portland, Oregon!

    We went to the website after reading the story in the Oregonian. We have family in Merrill, Wisconsin and Glendive, Montana (both used to live in Washington state). We sent a heads up email to Glendive to have family there cheering you on. Best of luck on your journey. What an awesome goal--and to do it as a family. Hope all goes well!!

    The Eliasons
    Troutdale, Oregon

  • Submitted May 17, 2001
    Grandpa, Dad, Uncle Randy and Joe,

    Watching you guys ride out of the truck stop in Pasco this morning got me thinking. Thinking how I really wanted to be there. If only there weren't things like school and work to get in the way.

    I am praying for you all, for safety, for effectiveness as witnesses, and successful completion of the trip.
    I already miss you all,
    Love in the Son
    Justin Lettau

  • Submitted May 17, 2001
    Have a good morning for the big haul to the Class Reunion. We will be praying for you that your ride will be most bountiful for the Lord.

    Out prayers be with you.

    In Christ's name. Amen

  • Submitted May 17, 2001
    From my brother & Sister-in-law Gordon & Ethel Chich in Kennewick we feel we know you already. Told him I would keep track of your journey and let him know by phone. We grew up in Weyauwega and will celebrate our 61st in July at Fremont. You have taken on a great challenge but with your faith God will see you through a pleasant journey . Wish we could peddle with you so our prayers will be there instead.Blessings to you all, Russ & Myrene Chich. Germantown, Wi.

  • Submitted May 17, 2001
    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you here at Dr Lam's office. I've enjoyed your website and will continue to follow your journey. What an inspiration the three of you are. I wish you all a safe and wonderful trip as you head out of Richland.
    May the wind stay at your back!
    Lori Holmes RN and all the rest of the crew here at Dr. Lam's office

  • Submitted May 15, 2001
    Pat, Dianna & Boys, David, Linda & Girls: As your "boys" ride East, may God provide His peace for you - as well. I Peter 5:7 is a special verse to a "favorite" person of mine, May it be a blessing to you all during the coming weeks.

  • Submitted May 15, 2001

    We are not sure you even remember us, we bowled on the Saturday evening Christian bowling league for a few years. Before that we met you at several Liberty Christian School activities. Our daughter Amy was in the same classes as Monique!

    We think it is terrific that you are using this as a way to witness for Christ and that you said to the Tri-City Herald: "It is a witnessing trip to God's saving grace and His amazing grace!"

    Our prayers are with you, Randy, and Joe.

    Thank you to the family members making it possible for us to keep up to date on your trip and also send messages!

    God bless and keep the whole family!

    Pat we will be praying for you as you drive the motorhome to meet Ken!

    Love, your brother and sister through Christ, Bill and April Puryear

  • Submitted May 14, 2001
    Ken: God bless you, Randy, and Joe as you embark on your journey Thursday. Have a great trip and may God be with you to the finish line. What you are doing will be an inspiration to the many people you meet along the way. Vicki and I will be following you as you make your way to Wisconsin.
    Ray Menebroker

  • Submitted May 14, 2001
    I checked into the web site to see how your trip was coming along, looks to be fun. My legs arent that good!! Good luck, hope you have a good time at your class reunion.

    Your first cousin, Pat Giesbers,
    Green Bay, WI.

    Take Care

  • Submitted May 10, 2001
    Ken, Joe & Randy-We pray that you have a safe trip to Wisconsin. This will be an experience for you. We are formerly from Wisconsin and have been West since Nov. 1943. We haven't been back to Wisconsin since Gordon's mother celebrated her 105 birthday Jan. 1995. All the rest of our family is back in Wis., so just the two of us out here. Wishing all of you a safe journey and the Lord's blessing. Sincerely, Gordon & Ethel Chick

  • Submitted May 9, 2001
    You three are amazing. I'm proud of each of you even though we've never met. I work with your daughter in law Heidi and am friends with Matt as well. You've raised a great man who has a sweet wife. I'm blessed to know both of them. Good luck in your journey and especially in spreading the gospel to those that will hear. I'm praying for you.

    Lori Welsch

  • Submitted May 9, 2001
    Hi Ken,
    Hang in there as it's a long way to Cobbles Creek and can think of easier ways to get there --- John & Joyce Lettau, Santa Maria,Calif.

  • Submitted May 3, 2001
    Grandpa, Uncle Randy, and Joe,

    I wish I could be going with you but somethings must come first...GRADUATION!!! But my prayers and support will be with all of you!! God's speed and protection!! May many lives be changed because of you guys and this trip.

    All my love
    In Christ
    Jennifer Lettau

  • Submitted May 1, 2001
    Hi Ken, Randy and Joe

    Keep up the good work. Watching your progress on the web site. Hope the journey thus far has been an enjoyable one. Are you on schedule?? Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th. Re-union plans are going great. It seems the closer the re-union; the younger we feel. We now have reached the 100 mark on the 15th. Your friends - Doodles & Jane Schaeffer

  • Submitted May 1, 2001
    Read your story in the newspaper and was fascinated by it. As an avid bike rider myself I can certainly appreciate your challenge and wish you the best of luck. You are doing a great job of keeping those that are following your trek informed...keep it up. You guys are truly an inspiration for us recreational and commuter riders when sometimes we don't feel like hitting the road. Best of luck and best of health!

    Michael Ertl

  • Submitted May 1, 2001
    Ken, Randy & Joe...
    God speed and have a good-weather, safe trip! Don't have to wish "eventful", as we're sure it will be that! What an endeavor! Three Lettaus doin' it... how to get it done! See you when you get here!

    Love...Dave & Lois Derfus

  • Submitted April 30, 2001
    All the best as you ride the wind out of Tri-cities/Richland. You are an inspiration to all us fast rabbits. If we don't ride along side of you on the road, we'll be there in tube patches. All the best.

    Steve and Kathleen Wellsfry

  • Submitted April 28, 2001
    Hi to All,
    Couldn't wait to get in here this morning, and check the journal and pictures. I've e'd people in Wisconsin to get online, and watch your progress. It's so very interesting. We're with ya,.....all the way. Just wancha ta know you're in our tho'ts and prayers. BTW, our daughter-in-law, Terri is from Washington. Her folks are Jim & Bonnie French, and they live in the CleElum area. But, I see you've already passed that area. Keep up the good work!!! God speed....Peg & Tom Vanevenhoven

  • Submitted April 28, 2001
    God knows we're all behind you, Ken. Prayers are along with you on your way! I only wish I still had my Whizzer to lend to you for the trip!!
    - Tom Greenwood

  • Submitted April 27, 2001
    Coming out of the Gates of the Lord burst the threesome consisting of Ken, Randy and Joe along with a host of fellow Christians riding with them on prayers. While others, standing on the sidelines and hearing their invitation to harken to GOD's WORD. Who will listen to HIS voice? Many will see and hear them, making their own choice... accept or reject God's Promise for everlasting life quickly. or gamble that they have plenty of time to be saved at a later time. When does the clock run out? No one knows but God and the clock is speeding up.

    Ken, our prayers be you Brothers,

    Herb and Gail Smith

  • Submitted April 27, 2001
    Shelly just told me about your trip. I plan to put your names on the prayer list at Columbia Bible Church. Bruce Einspahr

  • Submitted April 27, 2001
    Joe, Randy, & Ken: Ready - Set - Ride

    "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind blow at your back, may the sun shine warmly on your face. May the rains fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand."
    Vicki Menebroker

  • Submitted April 27, 2001
    You are continuously in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of you!
    Christine Ruffalo

  • Submitted April 27, 2001
    Goodmorning. We at CBC Fitness Center miss your smiling face (most of all I do). I hope you have great weather and fun as your journey begins.
    Be safe and remember my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Your friend,
    Shelley Belt

  • Submitted April 22, 2001

    Hey Ken, Just now really took the time to go thru the website. You can surely be proud of the family you and Pat have raised.....what a great group of kids, all participating in your endeavor.

    And, what a testimony to that "Awesome God" that I'm sure we all know so well.
    Tom & I both think what you're doing is just the greatest. Only wish we could be back in Kaukauna in June for the Alumni reunion. I see my "big" brother Bud (George Jr.) will be there. We'll be in touch via e-mails, regardless.

    So, God keep you all safe, and on your way to a "grand adventure, and journey!"
    You'll be in our tho'ts and prayers.

    And, happy we've had our meetings in Yuba City for lunch as you were passing thru to see your daughter, Christine in Southern Ca. What a small world we live in, eh? ( Bet it'll seem bigger, on that bike!) What a fantastic piece of machinery.

    Love & Prayers,
    Peg (Greenwood) & Tom Vanevenhoven
    Yuba City, California. (originally from Kaukauna-both of us!)
    We go back a long way, don't we?
    P. S. Dave & Lois, and my brother, George, and his wife were married on MY birthday, August 4! How's that for a little trivia?

  • Submitted April 18, 2001
    Gordon Chick has told us about your cross-country plans. We are all very impressed and wish you the very best and hope you have a great time. I will keep the group posted on your web-site messges.

    Good Luck!! - Loren Henderson/Celebrity Bowl

  • Submitted April 16, 2001
    God Speed - Hi Ken, I've only met you once, many years ago. I am married to Eileen's son Michael. I just want to tell you what admiration I have for you and to wish you luck on your ride. The next time Michael complains about taking a walk with me I will remind him that staying active is the only way to be. What wonderful history you are making with three generations of Lettaus. Good luck to all of you and may God Bless. Sue Knaack

  • Submitted April 3, 2001

  • Submitted April 1,2001
    To the three biketeers - Praise God for Blessing your endeavor. We look forward to following your journey. Do you prefer chocolate or peanut butter cookies? :-)
    Ray and Vicki Menebroker

  • Submitted April 1,2001

    Ken -

    Just wanted to drop a note to say Best Wishes over to our lovely state of Wisconsin. I sincerely hope that the trip will be be safe and scenic for you and that God Blesses your safe travel through the entire trip. I am pulling for you and will see you when you get to Kaukauna, WI ... 2001 miles later -LOL-.

    Take care and chat with you later-God Bless

    Love, Jason Kemp

  • Submitted by Matt & Heidi - March 31,2001
    Dad- We are so proud of you! Keep up the training and hard work!

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