New and updated information on CD-ROM

Since the completion of 2001 in 2001, we have been working to bring you updated information from Ken's Journey. Below is a list of the significant changes between this CD version of the website, and the online version of the website as of the end of the bike trip. By providing this material on CD, we are not limited by the size and bandwidth constraints of our web hosting service.

  • Updated Photos! While everyone enjoyed the daily photo updates during the bike ride, they are less than desirable quality for printing out pictures, or even enlarging on your computer screen. The pictures we used each day were taken with a PalmOS based handheld computer and are only 640x480 resultion, at best! But, they provided a way for us to give daily pictures online, and they served their purpose well. Randy took his "real" 35mm camera along for the ride, and since the completion of the trip we have been digitizing Randy's photos (thanks to Randy for these). This represents the largest change to the website.

    In cases where Randy had a nearly identical picture to one that was taken with the Palm computer, we have replaced the picture entirely with Randy's picture. In cases where Randy did not have a nearly identical picture, we have retained the original Palm Computer picture. In cases where Randy had additional pictures, those are added to the pages as well.

    How can you tell the difference? In the photo pages contained on this CD, the original Palm Computer pictures are "locked" in size, meaning their size will not change if you shrink or expand your web browser's window. This is because they do not have sufficient resolution to gain much by expanding (if you have a large monitor). The replacement/additional pictures taken by Randy are not "locked", and will always expand to a fixed percentage of the browser's window size, allowing viewers with larger monitors to see more details. This is because the 35mm scanned photos do have adequate resolution to allow printing out and better viewing.

    Any of the photos contained in these pages may be directly accessed via your CD-ROM drive letter, or through your browser (right-click, save-as) for printing or saving elsewhere. They are located in the "\pics" or "\randypics" folder of the CD.

  • A full year has passed since the events of the bike ride. We asked each of the riders to give one last journal entry with their thoughts about the bike ride now that some time has passed. These are located from the bottom of the main journal listing page, located here.

  • New media coverage! Be sure to check out the "News " page and see all the news coverage. Especially check out the audio/video links which inlcude two evening news spots from TV stations in Wisconsin, and an interview with son Jeff on the Ken Hamblin talk radio show!

  • A painting of Ken! Did you notice the candid shot of Ken on the bottom of day 4? Well this picture inspired a friend and artist to paint Ken in that pose. Here is a photo of that painting. The artist is Gail Smith of West Richland, Washington. Way to go Gail!

  • Joes $20 pictures! Did you notice that Joe was sporting a $20 bill in many of the later pictures? It is a little hard to see due to the poor quality of the Palm Computer pictures, but it is there. Why? We the webmasters, bribed Joe to smile, offering him $20 if he smiled in all the remaining pictures... We've put some of the Palm pictures next to Randy's pictures (Joe didn't show the $20 in Randy's) so you can see for yourself. The link here takes you to a clear picture of Joe doing this. There are others as well.

  • Better navigation throughout the site. We've added more buttons and links throughout the site to make navigating easier, especially through the journals and pictures sections of the site. Enjoy!

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